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Steve Hunt

Plant Hire

Unleash the Power of Precision Construction

Welcome to Steve Hunt Plant Hire, your gateway to a comprehensive fleet of cutting-edge construction equipment. With over 25 years of industry expertise, we stand as the premier choice for plant hire in Plymouth and its surrounding areas. Our commitment is simple: empower your projects with the right tools for the job.

Self-Drive Hire

Empower yourself with our self-drive hire options. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, our user-friendly equipment is available for self-drive, giving you control over your project.

Steve Hunt
Steve Hunt

Proven Reliability

Trusted by major clients including Plymouth City Council and South West Water, our track record speaks for itself.

Steve Hunt

Comprehensive Services

Beyond providing top-notch equipment, we offer competent and qualified operators to ensure the smooth operation of our machinery.

Steve Hunt

Safety First

Operating with a full waste carriers license and public liability insurance, your safety and the security of your project are our top priorities.

Our Fleet

Steve Hunt
Steve Hunt
Steve Hunt


Discover the versatility of our diggers, designed to tackle a range of excavation tasks. From compact models for tight spaces to larger units for substantial projects, our diggers are meticulously maintained for optimal performance.

Mini Diggers

Perfect for smaller-scale projects, our mini diggers offer maneuverability without compromising on power. Ideal for landscaping, trenching and other precision tasks.

JCBs – Full Specification

Experience the pinnacle of construction machinery with our JCBs. Whether with or without breakers, these full-specification units are engineered for efficiency and power, ensuring your project stays on track.

Steve Hunt
Steve Hunt
Steve Hunt
Steve Hunt

7.5 Tonne 360-Degree Excavators

Take command of larger-scale projects with our 7.5-tonne excavators. Equipped with advanced features and an encon hitch, these machines are built for precision and power.

Micro Diggers

Navigate confined spaces effortlessly with our micro diggers. Compact yet powerful, they are the ideal solution for projects with limited access.

Track Barrow

Efficiently transport materials with our track barrows. Designed for agility and productivity, these units are perfect for moving loads in construction sites.

Dumpers (1 and 2 Tonne)

Our range of dumpers, available in 1 and 2-tonne capacities, ensures quick and efficient material handling on your construction site.

Ready to elevate your construction experience? Contact us today to discuss your plant hire needs.

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